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Is Clenbuterol Safe? The Dangers of Using Clenbuterol

Is Clenbuterol Safe? Everyone wants to know if this highly effective but banned substance is safe. After all, people have seen significant weight loss and improved muscle definition due to taking this steroid.

Clenbuterol has become a part of the bodybuilding community because the steroid has been around for a few decades. To those in the know, this steroid is not only unsafe but highly dangerous when abused. And the fact is that the bad rep this steroid has is due to the people who abuse its benefits.

Is Clenbuterol Safe?

In this article, we will be discussing the known side effects of Clenbuterol. Find out if the potential risks are worth your money, health, and safety. But before that, let’s talk about the banning several athletes over the years due to being caught using Clenbuterol.

Athletes Banned From Sports Due To Clenbuterol?

Till now, more than 250 athletes are banned because of using Clenbuterol. While I thought that it is related to only bodybuilding, there are also sports this steroid seems to be popular.

My research showed the following number of people banned and the sports they participated in:

  • 61 in bodybuilding
  • 26 in cycling
  • 46 in athletics
  • 24 in weightlifting
Surprisingly, weightlifting actually had a fewer number of people banned than cycling. But if you think about it, it makes sense. After all, cyclists need to be as lean to perform in endurance races and reach the finish line first.

My analysis of the statistics also found that most athletes banned were from the Czech Republic with 32. Moreover, people who were banned from Australia were 17 and from China were 21. In the list of athletes I found who had been banned for Clenbuterol, especially from athletics, some of the well-known figures I came across with include:

  • Dimitrij Ovtcharov
  • Callum Priestly
  • Josh Thomas
  • Lachlan Keeffe
  • Alberto Contador
  • Mary Akor Basley
  • Grit Breuer
  • Jamel Chatbi
  • David Chaussinand
  • Bonnie Dasse

Athletes Banned Due To Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol Side Effects

Let’s take a look on each side-effect this product can give which made these amazing athletes banned. This list of side effects will help you answer the ‘Is Clenbuterol safe?’ question.

Elevated blood pressure

The stimulant in the steroid causes vasoconstriction, leading to an increase in blood pressure. The body can get used to the stimulant over time but increased blood pressure is not healthy.

The users ignore their blood pressure, leading to dangerously high levels also known as ‘the silent killer’. It is because most of those who are in this condition don’t even know it. Headaches can be one of the reasons for the rise in blood pressures.


Probably the most known and common side effect of the steroid. The stimulant nature of the steroid causes tremors of the body. Mostly the hands are seen getting tremors as the body being unaccustomed due to the stimulants.

However, once the body adapts to the Clenbuterol, the tremors usually subside, but this can take a few weeks.


Taking strong steroids and other similar stimulants can cause nausea because they tend to be harsh on the digestive tract. Nausea is a common side effect of Clenbuterol, especially for those who are just starting off with the steroid.

The harsh steroid can cause discomfort which is often worse for sensitive people to get nauseous before taking Clenbuterol.


Again, the steroid can cause side effects that are related to caffeine and other stimulants, just to a larger degree. Insomnia or the difficulty to get proper sleep and rest are all related to taking Clenbuterol.

The reason for this is the steroid that can last over 37 hours, leaving you wired and unable to sleep.


The reason people use Clenbuterol is to lose weight and burn fat quickly. The beta-2 agonist in the steroid activates lipolysis that increases fat burn by boosting metabolism for the required energy.

This means that more fat is burnt, the body temperature increases and the user starts to sweat, a lot.


While you may be aware of the steroid, did you know that it contains dopamine, a hormone that improves mood? The hormone our brain releases when we achieve something worth the effort, like achieving your weight loss goal.

Unfortunately, dopamine is also related to the cause of addiction and can make people addicted to taking Clenbuterol.

Increased heart rate

Those who have been taking Clenbuterol for a long time have been shown to have increased heart rates. While this is normal for any bodybuilders, these guys have increased heart rates that put a risk on their hearts.

This problem can lead to blood pressure, atial fibrillation, heart palpitations, and cardiac hypertrophy. Many people who have abused Clenbuterol have ended up dead because their cardiac hypertrophy led to fatal heart attacks.

Muscle cramps

Bodybuilders who are serious with their craft have all experienced muscle cramps before. But the cramps caused because of Clenbuterol are not due to lactic acid buildup.

Instead, the reason this steroid causes muscle cramps is because it depletes the levels of Taurine in the muscle tissue. This depletion can result in the disruption of the contraction and relaxation process of the muscle tissue, leading to cramping.

muscle cramps

Conclusion On ‘Is Clenbuterol Safe?’

If you were wondering about the answer to the question, is Clenbuterol safe then it is absolutely not safe. Not only is it illegal to buy and banned from use, but it is also extremely harmful to the health.

The better option would be to consider legal steroids like Clenbutrol which provide the same benefits as the illegal steroid but without the above-mentioned side effects.

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