Clenbutrol – Crazy Bulk Legal Steroid Reviewed With Real Users

In this article, we look at Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol fat burner works along with its ingredients, benefits & cost. 

We will also look at other essential facts about this natural thermogenesis pill along with user Clenbutrol reviews posted online.

Anabolic steroids for getting stronger, increasing muscle mass and cutting excess fat have been around for decades.

Only recently have we been able to get access to 100% legal steroids.


This new legal steroid comes in the form of a pill and is sold online by a well-known supplement seller, Wolfson Berg Ltd.

Note: We have reviews from real users posted in the comments section below. 

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What Is Clenbutrol?

Clenbutrol is the legal steroid alternative to Clenbuterol. This fat burner is made by Crazy Bulk which is a popular brand in the bodybuilding industry. 

Clenbutrol works on the thermogenesis mechanism to reduce body fat.

When Crazy Bulk decided to create an alternative to Clenbuterol, most critics thought that it would not be as effective.

There was a question whether there can be such a product without any side effects.

However, the product created was found to cause zero side effects.

It also gave bodybuilders the increase in metabolism and muscle growth they wanted.

What Is ClenbutErol?

ClenbutErol is an illegal beta-adrenergic agonist which boosts lean muscle gain. It stimulates metabolism for the accelerated fat burn.

This illegal substance was even used on animals to bulk their lean mass. It was later found to be harmful when used long-term. Hence, ClenbutErol is banned in professional sports.

ClenbutErol is known for its dangerous side effects like heart issues & even deaths. It is highly recommended NOT to use this dangerous drug.

Who Makes Clenbutrol?

This legal steroid is made under the Crazy Bulk series.

It is owned and marketed by Wolfson Berg Ltd. headquartered in Cyprus. They also have a customer service center in New York City.

Headquarters Contact Details:

Archiep. Makariou III, 124
Kiti, 7550, Larnaca

Customer Support Contact Details:

244 Madison Avenue
10016-2817 New York City
United States

The official website also gives you the opportunity to ask questions via an online form or on the phone.

You can call on +1 (646) 893 7753 and get your answers to every question.

The customer service center is available 24/7.

How Does Clenbutrol Work?

The core goal is to burn excess body fat while preserving the lean muscle that is currently hidden underneath.

Clenbutrol works by using 100% natural ingredients to increase the body’s internal temperature so that the basal metabolic rate increases. This process is known as Thermogenesis.

This helps improve your fat burn while promoting cardiovascular performance and an increase in energy levels.

The reason for the high energy levels is due to the stimulation of metabolism which burns stored fat and carbohydrates.

This energy can then be used to work out and exercise with greater intensity to build more muscle mass.

There is also an increase in the supply of oxygenated blood to the muscles.

This helps improve stamina, recovery, and endurance while working out.

What Are The Advantages Clenbutrol?

It is clear that this ClenbutErol alternative works like its anabolic steroid counterpart, just without any side-effects.

The advantages of using Clenbutrol include:

  • A legal alternative to Clenbuterol.
  • 100% safe and side-effect free.
  • Contains no binders or fillers.
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Provides results in a matter of weeks.
  • Supercharges metabolism and fat burn.
  • Improves muscle to fat ratio.
  • Prevents muscle mass breakdown during weight loss.
  • Gives a ripped physique by eliminating excess body fat.
  • Improves workout performance with more energy reserves.
  • Enhances natural endurance and stamina.
  • Does not require a prescription.
  • Does not cause drug dependency like anabolic steroids.

6 Facts About You Should Know Before Purchasing Clenbutrol:

Every product is different and there are some facts that you should be aware of before deciding to buy.

Here are 6 essential facts about Clenbutrol:

  1. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to get this pill. The 100% natural ingredients in the pills have no artificially created binders or fillers.
  2. This supplement is a legal steroid with 100% natural ingredients. Reviewers and users have not reported any side effects.
  3. Each bottle contains 90 capsules. Consume these pills thrice a day with a glass of water to experience change.
    Make sure you consume them before 45 minutes of your workout routine.
  4. According to the experts, it’s best to continue using this product for at least two months for the best results.
    However, you should start seeing results in 2-3 weeks when used with a proper diet and exercise routine.
  5. Unlike other products, if you decide to stop using this fat burner, you will not experience a rebound effect.
    But you should maintain a healthy nutrition and workout routine so that you don’t regain any body fat.
  6. To get the most out of these pills, you should stack it with Winsol (Winstrol), Anvarol (Anavar) and Trenorol (Trenbolone).

Crazy Bulk also provides other legal bodybuilding steroids as well as stacks for Cutting, Strength, Bulking and Growth. These have been very popular as of late.

What Are The Ingredients in Clenbutrol?

Clenbutrol IngredientsList Of Clenbutrol Ingredients:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (fruit):
    Garcinia Cambogia is a popular weight loss fruit that contains HCA (Hydroxycitric acid).
    The fruit can help suppress your appetite and stimulate fat burn with a boost to your metabolism.
    One study has proved that Garcinia Cambogia helps in reducing abdominal fat for both men & women.
  • Guarana Extract (seed):
    Guarana is a well-known fat-buster because it has a high-caffeine content that promotes metabolism and weight loss.
    While other products with this ingredient may cause side effects, the amounts in here ensure no issues on people’s health.
    Guarana has various other health benefits that include improved focus, improved heart health and lowering bad cholesterol.
  • Citrus Aurantium (peel):
    Citrus Aurantium or Bitter Orange contains the active component Synephrine.
    This causes thermogenesis, lipolysis, reduced appetite, and improved metabolic rate.
    A study confirms that synephrine enhances muscle endurance & allows you to perform better while working out.
  • Nicotinamide (B3): Nicotinamide, or Niacinamide, is a B Vitamin that can help promote weight loss by stimulating the metabolism.
    It also helps boost physical performance and improves fitness when taken daily.

Clenbutroll Ingredients

This shows that this fat burner is loaded with ingredients that are backed by scientific studies. Also, the amount of each ingredient is in the right proportion needed for a human body.

Clenbutrol Results And Testimonials:

This Clenbuterol alternative has become very popular in the last few years it’s been sold for. This has led tens of thousands to try it for themselves.

Many of those who have experienced definite weight loss with this product have come forward with their own experiences.

Here, I have mentioned some of the helpful reviews I could find for this product online:

Marco S. From Brazil:

Hi everyone, my name is Marco and am 28-years-old.

I decided to write this product review because of my experience with Clenbutrol for the past three months.

Weight loss with the main reason I picked out this product. I found it while browsing online while looking to buy Clenbuterol online.

Since it was difficult to buy the steroid online, I decided to try this crazy bulk product out first.

My first impressions weren’t all that great. I didn’t notice any weight loss for the first two weeks.

However, in the third week, I noticed I had more energy and was sweating a lot more while working out.

This got more noticeable in the second month of use.

And by the end of the third month, I have already lost over 15 pounds of fat. That too without changing my diet and exercise plan. That said, I do jog in the morning and go to the gym four days a week.

This doesn’t work as fast as ClenbutErol, but I can say for sure that it does work as claimed.

Claire From South Africa:

I wanted to post my review of this new fat burner from Crazy Bulk.

To be honest, I haven’t tried any of their other products but have only purchased this one.

Purchasing this one was easy, but the delivery time was much longer than I expected.

But after I started to use the pills, I saw an almost-instant difference. I was able to feel better, have more energy and sweat a lot more.

When I took these pills, I found that it was doubly more effective at weight loss at the gym.

Now, I have just ordered another three bottles and plan to continue using it until I hit my target weight.

Rachael P. From The United States:

Got this pill with the recommendation from a friend at the gym. I asked her how she managed to lose so much weight while doing the same fitness classes as me.

So, she recommended me Clenbutrol.

And taking this pill was the best decision for my health I have made in years.

I don’t lack energy but my poor eating choices have resulted in some love handles no one wants. So, I didn’t notice the increase in energy promised by this product.

What I did notice is that I was able to burn more fat with the same workout as before.

In short, I started seeing my figure improving in about 4 weeks with a significant fat loss in 7 weeks.

Now, I have just recommended it to my sister as well. That’s because she has been finding it difficult to get rid of post-pregnancy weight.

Are There Any Promo Deals Or Discounts Available?

There is currently one promotional discount you can get on top of the primary deal. The ‘Buy 2, Get 1 Free‘ deal is all you need.

Due to the high supply demand of this product, this deal might not last for long. So make sure you get it as soon as possible.

There might be other discounts and/or offer available. To check the latest ones, please visit the official website.

Does Crazy Bulk Ship Their Products To My Country?

The Official Crazy Bulk Website declares that you can order from anywhere around the world.

After you make an order, the CB team will deliver your product within a few days.

How fast you receive your order often depends on where you reside.

For example, here are the delivery estimates for Clenbutrol:

  • US: 3-7 days
  • UK: 3-7 days
  • Europe: 3-10 working days
  • Canada/Australia/World: 5-15 working days
The official website also has a tracking feature that informs where your order is on its journey to you.

Is Refund Possible?

You can stop taking the pills if they aren’t suiting your workout or if you’ve reached your weight loss goal.

Fortunately, you can return the product and receive a refund.

However, make sure that the bottle(s) are unopened and in good condition to get the refund. If you want to return your order, you should contact the Return & Refund Support by email at cs[at]

Where To Buy?

The best place to buy these fat burners is on the official manufacturer’s website. The site also sells other Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

The currently popular deal is that if you buy two bottles, you can get the third bottle free.

The retail price for one bottle is $82.00 but is available on the official site for $61.99.

This helps to save your $20.01. Place an order from the official website and get your product on your doorstep in a few days.

Legal Clenbuterol Alternatives

Here is the list of top substitutes for Clenbuterol as of now. Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol tops the list but you may have a look at other options too.

List of ClenbutErol alternatives:

  1. Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol (Buy 2 Get  Free)
  2. Clen XDV By HGH (Save 20%)
  3. Clenbulen By Max Gains (Save $11)
Note: Discounts may be available only for a limited time

Get Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol Legal Steroids from the official website and also enjoy Crazy Bulk Stacks.

Most Common FAQs

Q: What’s the recommended dosage for Clenbutrol?

A: There are 120 capsules in each bottle, and the recommended dosage is three capsules with water every morning.

Q: Can I take this with Crazy Bulk’s NO2 Max?

A: Yes. This product can be stacked with Crazy Bulk legal steroids and supplements.

Q: What’s the difference between this and weight loss supplements?

A: This product is designed to accelerate fat burn by increasing metabolism and thermogenic. Most other weight loss supplements only work by suppressing appetite.

Q: Is Clenbutrol legal in the UK and Europe?

A: Yes. It is legal worldwide and can be purchased directly from their official site.

Q: Will this legal steroid be picked up on drug tests by sports institutes?

A: No. All legal steroids by Crazy Bulk are made from all-natural ingredients which mainly include herbs and plants. It doesn’t have any artificially created hormones or ingredients which will be picked up on drug tests.

Q: Can this pill cause weight gain when you stop using it?

A: No. Once you stop using the pills, your metabolism will return to its regular level but won’t cause an additional fat gain.

Q: Can this legal steroid cause a miscarriage?

A: This is a 100% safe product. But if you are pregnant, it is advised that you don’t use steroids, legal or otherwise.

Q: Do I need a prescription for this product?

A: All Crazy Bulk legal steroids and supplements can be purchased without a prescription.

Q: Will this affect my menstrual cycle?

A: No. The natural ingredients improve metabolism and fat burn without negatively affecting other functions.

Q: When does this product expire or is unsafe to use?

A: Please check the expiry date printed on the bottle and box.

Q: Will Clenbutrol make me tired and drowsy?

A: No. It should help improve energy levels and boost mood.

Q: Is this more effective if taken on an empty stomach?

A: It won’t really matter. If empty stomach works for you, go ahead.

Q: Will it cause fertility issues in men?

A: No. The natural ingredients don’t suppress testosterone or other hormonal functions that can lead to fertility issues.

Q: Should I cycle Clenbutrol?

A: The product is side-effect free and can be used on a long-term regular basis without needing to be cycled.

Q: Should I up my dosage to improve fat loss performance?

A: Stick to the recommended dosage of three pills a day. Taking more with not speed up weight loss.

Q: Is there a liquid or injectable version of this legal steroid?

A: No. this product is only available in capsule form.

Q: Does this pill contain Clenbuterol Hydrochloride?

A: No.

Q: How long does it take to start showing results?

A: Some users have claimed to experience weight loss within the first few days. But the official site recommends using the product for two months to see maximum results.

Q: What is Crazy Bulk Clenbuterol?

A: There is no such product. Crazy Bulk does not own or manufacture Clenbuterol. The Clenbuterol alternative by Crazy Bulk is known as Clenbutrol.

Q: Can I get this product from third-party sellers who are selling for cheap on eBay?

A: You can only official buy Clenbutrol from the Crazy Bulk website. Buying it anywhere else may result in purchasing fake or counterfeit products.

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol








User Reviews





  • Legal Steroid
  • Best Alternative To Clenbuterol
  • No Side Effects
  • Backed By Scientific Studies
  • Made in FDA Approved Facilities


  • Only Available At Official Website
  • Slightly Overpriced
Review By Mike Williamson

27 Responses to Clenbutrol – Crazy Bulk Legal Steroid Reviewed With Real Users

  1. I had used crazy bulk products before but I always feel Clenbutrol is their best one. The way it helps giving results like Clenbuterol is seriously good. Plus, no side-effects and legal to use help more people to use and build an amazing physique.
    Personally, I am using this product for more than a year now and it has helped in the most safest and beneficial ways. It helped me lose fat, increased my energy, stamina, performance and most importantly helped me with muscle gain.
    Bodybuilders should try this product than getting and using illegal supplements.

  2. Clenbutrol is a really a product that can be useful and helpful if you are looking for fat loss. The natural ingredients present in this legal steroid really helped me to lose fat around my stomach and lowered love handles. Thanks crazy bulk for this product.

  3. My gym trainer suggested me to use clenbutrol to boost muscle gain and stamina. After using it for some time, I could notice the change in my workout performance, my energy, my stamina and what I saw, in the end, was the muscle growth which I was looking forward. Happy to see such results.

  4. Crazy bulk has really a good collection of legal steroids that can boost bodybuilding and shredding. From all the supplements, clenbutrol is my favorite and has helped me to boost my performance and fat loss. Thanks a lot guys.

  5. Clenbutrol is one of these pills that you see those guys at the gym taking.

    I thought it was protein powers before but now these pills are the latest trend.

    So, I have just ordered a bottle myself to see if it is as good as they say.

    I’ll keep you guys updated.

  6. Both men and women can use this apparently. When I found out, I was thrilled because both me and my gf can use the same pill.

    Of course, we opted to get the buy 2, get 1 free deal from crazy bulk. So, it did work out cheaper for us.

    And judging from the results over the past month, we will keep using it.

  7. Sam said that these pills work within two weeks. At first, I thought he was just stretching the truth.

    But what did trying the pills myself show, it works.

    And not only does it work, it helped me lose some fat in just one week.

  8. I don’t know what you guys put it the pills but it works. It doesn’t work overnight but it has shown its use over the two months I have used it.

    So, I would say that this Clenbutrol is worth buying. Definitely better than just using whey protein.

  9. Clenbutrol is for real men who want to get ripped. I feel that intense fat burn when I use the pills.

    It’s so satisfying to see sweat and fat trickle down with every pump. Overall, a worthwhile purchase for me.

  10. I was really confused to use these pills without a prescription and was worried too about any side-effects but I was so wrong. Though I havent seen any results as I have recently started using it but I must say it is safe and good, atleast for me. Really, its so easy to consume and has no side-effects. Worth a try!

  11. I am going to own everyone else when I get ripped with this new pill. I have been using Clenbutrol for a month now and can already see the fat disappearing.

    Still need to put in 3 hours at the gym a day but its all for the aesthetic love I have for a perfect physique.

  12. My friend has been raving on about Clenbutrol and how he saw a drop in fat percentage of 3% within a month.

    This is pretty fast and I also wanted the same. So, I got an unopened bottle from him and gave Clen a go to.

    And guess what, I did see some weight loss. Not as fast as my friend but a decent result for only 30 minutes at the gym daily.

  13. My best friend suggested me to use these Clenbutrol pills gain power and muscle gain. I always desired to have a small bulge on my biceps and I was trying hard to get one, but I couldn’t. But luckily she suggested me this pill and I ordered them asap. The capsules are good to go. They are simple, easy to consume and does not have a side effect. At least, I did not experience yet. Hope it increases my strength and pace to get me my desired biceps.

  14. My gym trainer gave me these pills to improve my muscle growth and my stamina. I have a very low energy level that fails me to workout in the best way. I’ve started consuming these pills a few weeks back and I can say that it does increase your stamina. Though not the way I expected but it does. Hope it does more in future. Till then, So far so good.

  15. Hello, My name is Ashton and I have a doubt which I expect anyone of you could help clear it.
    This there any side-effects on this pill? I just read a point of no side effects but it does not sound convincing to me. So if you can explain me.

    • Hi Ashton Sharkey, These capsules are said to have potent ingredients that can help you improve your bodybuilding techniques and aspects. These pills are reported to have Zero-side effects and people have not experienced any type of adverse effects yet.
      Thank You

  16. Guys, please come up with Risk-Free pack man. I really want to try this product before I make an actual order. Hope it does asap as the pills look effective and exciting. Hope to see it soon

  17. I actually had one question to ask, The offer of BUY2 and Get 1 free is still available? Please tell me so that I can grab one for myself.

    • Hi Marietta B, Yes! Buy 2 and Get 1 free is still available for you. Go grab them before it gets too late.
      Thank You

  18. Thanks Clenbutrol for such good stuff. I could notice the increase in my stamina and power. This has definitely affected my workout and weightlifting. Thanks guys! God bless you.

  19. You guys need to sell this in real-world stores. I know that it makes the product cheaper to sell online but some of us don’t like buying things online.

    And yes, I know about the security features you have. Still, a few stores that sell Clenbutrol wouldn’t hurt.

  20. I started using this product is because it claims to be side-effect free and can help fat burn. Thanks to various natural ingredients, I noticed appetite suppression. This definitely controlled my eating ability and unnecessary munching. What I noticed more is the boost in metabolism that helped increase my performance levels. Really a good product to use.

  21. Clenbutrol is a really good supplement I have come across. These pills boost your metabolism to increase body energy. As the article says, it produces thermogenesis that can heat up the body to lose fat content. I am using this product for a while now and I think the pills are effective.

  22. I was unsure to use this product or not, although it says legal steroids, I was still skeptical to use the product. When my product arrived, I still didn’t want to use them to prevent myself from any possibilities to get side-effects. But, I had to start and see if it could help me reduce my fat and block fat production. After using it for a while, I think the product is good and easy to consume. The pills are not too big or too small. Although, I haven’t seen the fat loss but I surely didn’t see side-effects. So, the pills are safe to use!

  23. If you want a cutting product that doesn’t cause cramps or dizziness, you should try Clenbutrol. From the week I have been using this product, I have noticed an improvement in my muscle definition. I am well on my way to getting the six-pack I want with Clenbutrol.

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